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Symbiosis  共 生

Hectic lives and cumbersome rules have numbed our senses and weakened our connection with the world. Symbiosis unfolds the harmonious coexistence between nature and humans by presenting mixed media artworks which go beyond mere plant arrangement. It aims to revive the relationship between the audience and nature. The artworks are a narrative of the artist’s journey of self-rediscovery, and may guide you to yours.



Urban Story Trilogy:

The Place I Live

DSC_1182 copy.jpg

Harmonious Discord


We are surrounded by greens. Trees on the roadside purify the air, yet their growing branches will be chopped off. Greenery adds to the residence’s value, yet it can only be seen from afar. Lawns create space for relaxation; yet walking on them is forbidden.


Plants are being used intentionally to our advantages, and everything provided by nature is being consumed by us unknowingly. The intimate relationship between plants and humans has been evolving for a long time.

While we are struggling with our hectic life and fight for survival, spending time on self-care and reflecting on our relationship with the nature become a luxury.


Here you will be with the plants. Please take a deep breath and let the unique smell permeate you. Let it help to reconnect the disconnected and to rediscover our relationship with self, nature and the world.









Exhibition Period 展覽日期

29 October 2020 – 9 November 2020

Venue 展覽場地

S507, Block A, PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central


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